Thursday, March 10, 2005

Thank you for your prayers!

I just wanted to say thank you for your prayers.
God has answered our pleas for mercy and has granted me sleep.
I am so thankful for 2 full night sleeps in a row.
You do not appreciate sleep until you have been without it for weeks at a time.
SO I am truly thankful to God for answering our prayers.
He is a gracious and compassionate God and we are happy to serve him.
We would ask that you continue to pray for the sale of our home.
We had someone come and look this afternoon who has been 3 times now.
Please pray that he makes an offer that will be suitable to what our needs are in preparation for Africa.
So if everyone could pray diligently about the sale of the house this week that would be awesome.

We will keep you posted as we continue on this journey to Angola!!!!
Praise the Lord for He is GOOD!

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Lisa Marie said...

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